Hypodermic Bookmark

Vinyl Art Case Study – Bookmarking a disaster: How Vinyl Art Salvaged a Project that was Cancelled After Production

College textbooks have never been inexpensive. Medical textbooks are even costlier. It’s currently estimated that a four-year medical degree program at a private college runs about $200,000. Your cost for textbooks will cost about $6,000. According to the National Association of College Stores, the average student spends $665 yearly on textbooks. Some college courses require…

What The Candy Jar On Your Office Desk And Getting A Promotion Have In Common

Not enough space? Or, too much stuff? It’s one of those hypothetical questions that maybe doesn’t have an answer. One thing’s for sure: our desk and—if we have one—office can get messy fast. Have you ever walked up to your desk and thought, “I wonder what people think this says about me?” The way you…

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