Will Just-in-Time Supply Ordering Work for Hospitals?

A lean approach to manufacturing is being considered in the healthcare industry. Some say it’s too risky while others say it is effective. What do you think? It may seem odd to think that hospital inventory management would employ a lean approach like just-in-time (JIT). However, as healthcare facilities face tighter profit margins, more of…

4 Must-Haves for a Greener Offsite Meeting

Sustainability is vital to our culture; if it’s a part of your brand, make it present in all of your decisions, including meeting venues and office supplies. A lot of companies are making more environmentally-conscientious decisions. The ways we can be more eco-friendly seem to expand into some pretty creative frontiers, like furniture and landscaping….

3 Concerns for Creating a Birth Center Brand Today

Consumers evolve along with technology. To stay competitive in today’s birth center market, make sure your brand recognizes these three important qualities. While some of us can’t remember a time without modern conveniences, technology has moved ahead at warp speed, especially when it comes to health care. Add onto that an overwhelming slew of options…

Need Fantastic Content Ideas? Ask these 4 Questions

Consistently generating content that drives traffic is a feat. Consider these questions about your audience to reel them in. Last week we discussed how to develop your Buyer Personas for your marketing strategy. This will guide you in what kind of characteristics about your product or company to highlight. When it comes to your scheduled…

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