Three “Aha’s” When it Comes to Workplace Productivity

Whether you work in an office or a retail setting, productivity can be a tricky subject. On one end, people often find themselves overwhelmed by lethargic or unmotivated. Both ends of this spectrum leave people desperate for ways to become more productive. We’ve researched some interesting tricks as well as tried and true methods to…

Redefining your Brand for Today’s Consumers

Think of your favorite successful business that’s been around (seemingly) forever. Is its marketing strategy the same now as it was ten years ago? Twenty? Not likely. Companies have to tweak its brands and marketing over time to survive. One of our favorite save-my-business marketing campaigns is that of Kmart. You probably remember the “Ship…

Point of Purchase More Effective than Price Cuts when done Right

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are valuable marketing strategies for both manufacturers and retailers. They attract people who are already making purchases. They also have a significant impact on what the consumer buys. In fact, research shows us that POPs are actually more effective influencers than price promotions. According to a study published by OgilvyAction,…

Are Promotional Products Really Worth it?

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of research on advertising and marketing strategies. In our world of evolving technology, there is a lot to consider right now. Last week we posted advice on how to attract clients – specifically for insurance agents. One of the most consistent suggestions we found was to use promotional products….

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